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NOT YOUR TYPICAL (and what to expect)...

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Altar Paraments

Speaking of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, here's what we mean:

For many who have visited a 'typical' evangelical church, they'll find Prince of Peace outside of the ordinary and distinctive in its traditions, perhaps even surprisingly different! We're not speaking to a different way of seeing the Bible (which we confess as inerrant and fully guiding), but rather in how we move through our worship time together. 

At Prince of Peace, there's no overhead screen and PowerPoint projector, you won't see a band on the stage, and we follow an orderly pattern (a liturgy) for worship. We didn't invent all of this, we simply are following an ancient rhythm that makes sense of who God is and who we are. There is a quality of mystery and a very different experience to be gained when we try not to duplicate pop culture, but instead enter God's presence, hearing from His Word and partaking in the Sacrament of the Altar, i.e. Holy Communion. (Special guidance is provided here.)

When you join us, you'll see a mix of attire -- from shorts and jeans, to suits and ties. So, come as you are!

We also welcome children to join us! They are our future -- in both the church and society! And, please, don't worry about their fidgeting and noise -- they're children and we get that!

(Interested further in what makes us tick? Check out our denominational rooting and practices at -- thanks!)

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